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Hi! This is my first time posting so I'm hoping I'm doing this right. I currently have two coops one has a run and has 6 hens in it and a rooster. I also have one mamma chicken and two chicks in the other coop with no run. I piece of wood was placed on top of a box the momma and babies sleep in due to rain and a frisbee was placed on the food bucket in the run for the other chickens. This weekend both items have gone missing but were not removed by a person that we know of and momma was still sitting on 4 eggs all have disappeared but all the chickens and chicks are ok. We a are unsure as to what could have done this but not harmed the chickens. Our neighbor thinks it was raccoons. Please help so our chickens and chicks stay safe. Thank you!

*also we currently have 3 chicks inside to stay safe from predators do you think we should take the other 2 inside with the others and put momma back with the other chickens now that she doesn't have any eggs left and the chicks will be better protected till the get older.
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A big foot
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Sounds like a hobo to me.

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So wait, the piece of wood and Frisbee went missing, or the eggs?

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