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Pullet Bloody from Bullying

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I got 2 new pullets recently. I began integrating them into the flock and one was doing ok, the other was very meek. Today when I came home, I found the meek one curled up with a bloody neck. I have removed her from the flock with her own food and water and will start an antibiotic. She's hungry, standing, and alert despite the skin on her neck being pecked off. What more can I do to support her? Should I clean the wound? Any advice appreciated.
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If the wound is open I would but some antibiotic ointment on it (even neosporin (SP?) As long as it does not have pain reliever in it) and keep her separated until she is healed. If you can keep her in a cage in the coop, so the other birds can see her but not touch her. Feed stores have a wound care product that colors the wound blue. If you get that, you might consider putting the other pullet with her.
When you try, in a couple of weeks, to return her to the flock be sure to offer two separate waterers and feeders place them so they are not in view of each other. The biggest fights are usually due about food and water, space being the next reason for dispute.
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Thanks for the advice! I'm afraid that she's too bad to keep in the coop for now and the other pullet seems to be starting to hold her ground so I hate to start over with her in the pecking order. I will put some antibiotic ointment on her tonight.

I just looked and her wound is bad! She's missing skin. Will that heal? Anyone have any experience.
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Following this thread for advice on wound care. I just discovered one of my hens, a New Hampshire Red, wedged between the utility pole and the privacy fence. She has a large bloody abrasion-type wound over her left hip joint. I think the pain reducing neosporin is the only type I have on hand. Since I have to run out and get something, what is the best way to treat her? Should she stay with the rest of the flock? I don't want to stress her out more.

I believe this resulted from being chased by a particularly amorous male duck. He was raised with the hens (I was hoping it would turn out to be female), but has recently become sexually aggressive with them. Anybody in the Columbus, OH area want a free duck?

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Go to the feed store and look for antibiotic topical cream, I cannot remember what it is called, if you find the stuff that turns wounds blue that helps because chickens will Peck at any red area. Keep her separated until healed.
@3 Chicks
Your bird should heal fine, but it will take time, she may not grow back those feathers until she molts.
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Why can't I use the antibiotic cream with pain reliever?
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I went ahead and bought tetracycline. Do you think she would benefit from an oral antibiotic?
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Oh, and thanks for the reassurance that she'll be fine, organicfarmwife. I've raised chickens for several years now and this is a new one to me.
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I wouldn't give an oral unless she really seems infected, the topical should be more then enough
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