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Nothing to be sorry about...just can't help you there.  I got the eggs from a friend.  The initial stock likely did come from a hatchery but I have no idea which.

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If it is bothering you that much you might want to read the first post in this very long thread. It takes some study to get your head around it, but Tim tells you what it takes to make a sex link.

Tadkerson’s Sex Link Thread

I’ll try to simplify it. The hen has to have a dominant sex linked gene, for red sex links she has to have silver. The rooster has to have both genes at that gene pair to be recessive, for red sex links, gold. The main point is that for a gene to be sex linked, the hen has to only have one gene at that point on her DNA. She gives it to her sons but not her daughters. A male has two genes at that point. He gives one of those genes to all his offspring. Which one he gives is random. If he has two recessive genes he will give a recessive gene. If one is dominant and one is recessive, he might give either one. So the daughters wind up with a gene from their father, a recessive gold and are red. The sons get a recessive red from the father and a dominant silver form their mother, so they are white.

Since a red sex link male got both a sliver and a gold, he will give those at random to all his offspring. The female red sex link will give a recessive gold to her sons, nothing to her daughters. So the daughters get either a gold or silver from their fathers and can be either color. The boys get a recessive gold from their mother but may get either a recessive gold or a dominant silver form their father, purely at random. So the boys can be either red or white also.

Odds are funny. If you cross a red sex link male with a red sex link female, the odds are 50-50 each chick might be red or white. But this past February I hatched five chicks from eggs that should have had a 50-50 chance of being either red or black. All five were red. You have to hatch a lot of eggs for the odds to mean much.

If you really want to play with it, you might try the calculator. I’ll warn you it can become addicting. Select a red rooster and a columbia hen. That will give you a red sex link. Then select “continue” with the offspring. You’ll be amazed at the number of possible combinations you can get from that simple cross. Scroll all the way to the bottom where it has a summary.

Cross Calculator

Part of the thing that can make it so complicated is that there are a lot of different genes that have some effect on color or pattern, especially if the original parents were pretty divergent genetically to start with. When you cross crosses like that the number of possibilities is often mind-blowing. You can get different patterns, you can get different shades of color. That calculator is simplified, it doesn’t cover all the possibilities of differences in individual chicks due to things like leakage.

If you hatch several chicks from that cross you will see some differences in the chicks, sometimes subtle differences. When they feather out you will probably see more differences. I love hatching crosses from crosses. It can be amazing what you get.

 I grow a little impatient when people seem to think that they are unique in the world. Of course they are. Just like everyone else.


 I grow a little impatient when people seem to think that they are unique in the world. Of course they are. Just like everyone else.

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