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Moldy bread

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Hi everyone, I'm new to chickens and enjoying my new flock of 4 hens (and 6 chicks).


I have a question (and a vent): While I was at work today, my FIL came over and fed my chickens MOLDY bread. Like, seriously moldy. As in, you couldn't even tell it was bread because the only colour on it was DARK BLUE. Words can't do justice. I am LIVID!! I picked out what was left in the run, which were 2 half eaten slices and a few bites.. out of 3 or 4 slices, apparently. What signs of illness do I need to watch out for? I am so new to chickens that I am worried I won't know they are sick. :(


Thanks in advance!

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Welcome!  Just watch and see, and probably it will be fine.  Some molds are very toxic, and some are okay.  I'd be REALLY unhappy too!  Mary

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Thanks, I am keeping an eye on them and so far they seem fine. They're eating and drinking. I know that mold on bread is usually relatively harmless to humans but wasn't sure how chickens would fare. Hopefully they'll be fine! 

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I had someone feed mine moldy bread before and thankfully mine were fine. Keep an eye on behavior, poops, and if you can make sure they're eating and drinking. They should be fine since it was only a "small" amount compared to what it could have been.

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