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Watery horrible smelling poo

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Hello, this is the second hen I have had with about the same symptoms, the first one passed about a month ago.  This one I noticed about 2 weeks ago with her head pulled in, and just thought she was cold. Now she is having watery smelly poop, it just shoots out of her. She sits on my deck all day with her head tucked in. I have seen her eating some grass late in the evening and early in the morning but thats it, the rest of the day she just sits, falling asleep.  Please help. I dont know if this is contagious or just her getting old, shes 3. Thanks! 

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Welcome to BYC!


Can you post a picture of her and the poo?

A little more info might be helpful.

What type of food/treats do you normally feed?

Any other symptoms - sneezing, watery eyes, nasal discharge, coughing, etc.?

Any new chickens added to the flock lately?

Does she lay eggs?

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The poo wasnt as white when I saw it an hour ago. Her comb is flopping over and dry looking. Their feed is High Land Naturals, with BOSS mixed in. No sneezing or anything that I can notice. No new chickens, and she has stopped laying unless shes hiding them somewhere. My other hen that passed was a year old, about the same symptoms.



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The white is urates. Can you take a sample to the vet for a fecal float - they may be able to determine what is the cause - whether bacterial, worms (usually yellow & foamy), or something else.

Since this is the second one with similar symptoms, my best guess would be some type of bacterial infection which would be needed to treat with antibiotics. As to what/which bacteria? and which

antibiotic would be best that would be the question.


If you don't have a vet, you could pm @casportpony to see if she has any suggestions as to what is the problem.


There are several medications you can purchase without a prescription so here is the info on that as well:


Here is a poop chart:

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Ulcerative Enteritis


I am thinking (guessing) Ulcerative Enteritis possibly. You would want to have the fecal test done though.


From :  (blue highlights are from me)


Ulcerative Enteritis

Synonyms: quail disease

Species affected: Captive quail are extremely susceptible and must be maintained on wire-bottom pens or on preventive medications. Chickens, turkeys, partridges, grouse, and other species are occasionally clinically affected.

Clinical signs: In quail, the disease is acute with high mortality. In chickens, signs are less dramatic. Acute signs are extreme depression and reduction in feed consumption. Affected birds sit humped with eyes closed. Other signs included emaciation, watery droppings streaked with urates, and dull ruffled feathers (see Table 3). Accumulated mortality will reach 50 percent if the flock is not treated.

Transmission: Birds become infected by direct contact with carrier birds, infected droppings or contaminated pens, feed and water. Bacteria are passed in the droppings of sick and carrier birds. Infection can be spread mechanically on shoes, feed bags, equipment, and from contamination by rodents and pets.

Treatment: Bacitracin and neomycin can be used singly or in combination. Other antibiotics and drugs such as tetracyclines, penicillin, Lincomycin, and Virginomycin are also effective. Consult a veterinarian for dose, route, and duration of treatment.

Prevention: Ulcerative enteritis is difficult to prevent in quail. When quail have access to their own droppings, this disease commonly occurs. To eradicate, depopulate stock, thoroughly clean and disinfect, and start over with young, clean stock.

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Thank you! I have been trying to find a vet all day that will take chickens with no luck. I did pick up some oxytetracycline last night, it was all the farm store had for chickens. If I treat her or the whole flock with that do you have any idea how long to give it to her and what the withdraw time would be? I searched and no one seems to know for sure. 

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Look at this thread, she has 5 different brands (picture of each)  listed and the dosage for each one. As far as withdrawal I'm having a hard time locating that info as well. Again, @casportpony is way more knowledgeable in doses/medications than I can ever be, so I'm sure if you pm her she will be happy to help.


You may want to decide whether you need to dose your whole flock or just her. I would separate her and clean the run/coop (rake out as much poo as possible) to hopefully minimize any  spread/transmission if it is a bacterial infection. (can be spread/transmitted in poo - those blasted chickens walk thru everything :) )


Please do keep us updated and if you do find the withdrawal period let us know. It's always a learning experience here on BYC.

I hope she improves.

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Thank you, I did message her, just waiting to hear back.  The oxytetracycline I bought is actually in that list so I was able to get dosing amounts. We did clean because my thoughts were the same, but they free range all day so I dont know what to do there. YES they walk on, over and through everything! But I wouldnt trade them for anything. ;) Thanks so much for your info and leading me to someone with possibly more.

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Glad you were able to find the right dosage.

Keep us posted:)

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