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Sick Buff

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I have a 4 month old buff orpington that has some serious issues.  She seems to be crippled/ disoriented.  She holds her head to one side and stammers and stumbles around and will crash over on her side.   Going to put her down but curious as to what this may be.  

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Without photos or a video, it is hard to say.

Could possibly be Wry Neck, Marek's or some other neurological/development disorder or disease.

Wry Neck can be treated with Vitamin E and Selnium. Marek's is not "curable" but symptoms can be "controlled".

If you really want to find out what is the cause and if it possibly a contagious illness that can be passed on to present and future flock members you may want to send her for necropsy.


Vitamin Information:






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Necropsy Info

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