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Re-homing two roosters

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I have two roosters. I had bought 6 chic babies on January 23, now they are about 14 wks old.  But it turns out that two of them are rooster and I can not keep roosters.  Please somebody do me a flavor and take them.  I need tem gone asap.  Please let me know if you able to re-home the.  I am not real sure of the breed.


Thank you so much

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You need to give a general idea of where you live.

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Southeast of Evansville, IN
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Best options are to go to the search box and put in Indiana, and then post to that thread so that people who are close to you will see your post.  Put "2 free roosters near Evansville" or something similar in the title of your post.  You will get more exposure that way.  Your second option would be to post free roosters to Craigslist in your area.  I wish you luck.

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