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I now have a lifetime supply of Corid (they had only 1 size), and I got the electrolyte and probiotic powders. They were really excited about their new fancy water, even my sick chick drank it down. I hadn't inspected her in person before going to the feed store (I was going off of what I saw remotely on chick-cam), her butt was the pastiest it has been yet--definitely in need of treatment.

Changing the wood chips isn't a big deal because I bought a giant bag but I only have one other box, is it safe to line the bottom with newspaper so I can throw all of it away every day? Also, I had wanted to save my used wood chips for blueberry bushes. Is coccidiosis transmittable to dogs, wildlife or humans?

Lastly the electrolyte packet and probiotics say to change water daily. I clean the dish part daily but do I have to throw away all that unused treated water each day?

Yeah, I have a lifetime supply too...and I didn't even need it! Just included it in my emergency kit.

Newspaper is too slippery, but paper towels work well. I use them for the first week so I can see what the droppings look like. Yes, I look at poop a lot.

If the supplement says change daily, then that's what I'd do. Some things degrade with time or light exposure. You can always make less at a time so it isn't wasted.