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Hens or Roos?

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[IMG]Hey, guys! You were right on my last two, so I thought I'd check back with my next batch... Tigerlily and Lola (the black ones) are about 7 weeks old and are supposed to be black and silver laced wyandottes. Their combs are pretty flat, but really red... Roos or hens? Strawberry and Pixie are about 6 weeks old and are supposed to be Rhode Island reds. Their combs are still fairly light, but are getting bigger... Roos or hens? What do you guys think? Thanks in advance!
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Sorry, the pictures are a bit overexposed making it hard to see all their combs. At seven weeks their comb is the best indicator of sex. Those with larger, redder combs will, most likely, be the roosters.

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Could use some closer pictures of each chicken in question. Usually Wyandottes are tricky to sex, but any redness at that age would be a roo indicator.
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Thanks chickenlover200 and nchlsschool. I posted closer ones on a different thread, but couldn't figure out how to delete this one. Both wyandottes have very flat areas where their combs would be, but they're pink. 😳
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