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Introducing New Chick

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Hi Everyone!


We're new to the chicken raising world. We have 4 beauties (2 black Australorps and 2 Barnavelders) who are almost 8 weeks and are almost ready to be introduced to their coop.


Today I made the unfortunate mistake of going to the local feed store (where we got our girls) and they had a beautiful 1-2 old Lavender Orpington chick. I've always wanted a Lavender Orpington and the man behind the counter even let me hold her.  I want her! But I am unsure this is a wise decision.


We can legally have 6 backyard chickens in my zone so we'd be still within our legal limits but I'm nervous about the size difference and established pecking order. I'm also nervous because she's the only Lavender they have and I would only want her. That would mean she wouldn't have any friends. 


Should I hold off? Or can I make it work? If I get her, should I get another friend for her or will be she okay on her own? How do you go about introductions? She's obviously TOO small to be put into their brooder with them and by the time she's old enough the girls would be in their coop. 






These are my girls Betty, Mary (Poppins), Lucy and Ethel


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Chicks really need a flock, even if it's only one other chick. Being alone is just too stressful.

If you had absolutely no choice, I would tell you to set up a brooder in such a way that the older chicks were all around the new chick, but separated by wire. Then once established, you could put a "panic door" in the brooder and let the chick come and go as it pleased (or needed to). Since you have a choice though...
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So don't unless I get more than one.

If I were to get 2 im assuming Id do the same thing to introduce them to the big girls?
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Hi Ericka, i agree that another couple of day old chicks for the chick you want is the best way to go (another 2 in case 1 of them dies). At 8 weeks your other chicks should really be in the coop - this link may help you out on that one


All the best



Just seen your other post. I'd suggest getting the 8 weeks old in the coop and then your brooder is free. 


Once it comes to introduction time, this link may help and these



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They are headed to the coop this weekend. The coop got painted and its been in the 90° here so we wanted to wsit for it to cool down and it should be good Friday or Saturday. Ive read everywhere its between 6-8 weeks. Anyway, thanks for the info.
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