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4 week old Chicks

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I was wanting to know if my 4 week old chicks can go live outside in their chicken coop yet. The daytime temperature is between 60-70 and the nightime temperature is 45. I have attached a picture of them. Do I need to put in their heat lamp in their chicken coop or not. Any help would be appreciated. We live in NE Indiana
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Another question does chickens sunbathe?
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We are in New Hampshire and our chicks have been spending days out in their coop for the last week - they are now 5 weeks old. It's been usually in the 60s to 70s but brought them out yesterday at 55 and today at 50. Watched them closely and they seemed fine (no huddling or making distress noises). They did look at times like they were sunbathing, especially in the afternoon, when they were laying on their sides stretched out. I can't tell you about nights as they won't start spending nights out there tomorrow. This picture was from a week ago

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