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HELP Comb suddenly Blackening??

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My silver laced Wyandotte is really the outsider in our flock of hens and Had been shunned by the rooster for the past couple months or so. Well today I have just noticed her comb is turning black and I'm not sure if this is scanning from
Being pecked or if it is a disease of some Sort? It's having me worried.. Any ideas or thoughts? I can't find anything else online that looks like it.

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Do you live in a cold area?

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It could be frostbite.

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Yes, I'm in Maine. But I never noticed this before today, although she's never nearby ... She's more of a loner. This doesn't look like frostbite I have seen.
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It looks like dried blood from an injury or from pecking. It will take a few weeks to heal. Is there a bully in the flock? The rooster could also have done this. Could be she is not receptive to his advances. Keep an eye on him. I had a mild mannered hen scalped by a young rooster once. He soon went to frreezer camp.
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Yes that's what I think it is... She never has accepted my roosters advances and just runs from him and has been shunned by all the other hens as well for it. I feel bad for her but I'm glad it's not a disease... My rooster is friendly with every other hen we have but he sure does chase her around!
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