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Worried about an injury

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Hello all!


I just noticed today that one of my Australorps has a sore under her eye that looks swollen. I am thinking it is from one of the other hens pecking her since she is the bottom of the pecking order. I have never seen any of them be too mean to her, but it looks like this could have possibly been a sore that became infected. Does anyone else know if that is what this could be? If so, what is the best way to treat it??

I am very new to chickens so I really hope somebody can help me with this! 


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When I saw your post I felt really bad because I have a sweet Astralorp too. But she is pretty feisty. I really wanted to help you so I looked up some stuff, and it sounds like you need to wash out her eye. I really have never had this problem but hopefully a more experienced chicken owner has had this problem. Maybe you should go to Tractor Supply and ask about antibiotics. 

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Thank Cookiechicken03! I figured out what it was, it is Fowl Pox :(  I have been giving her some antibiotics for the sore near her eye just in case and then putting some VetRX on the blister. From everything I have read it should go away in about 3 weeks! 

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I hope she gets better. :)

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