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Eye infections chicks?

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Two weeks ago I bought 6 buff Orpington pullets from a local breeder. Several days ago I noticed one in a corner of the tractor standing with eyes closed and breathing through her mouth. I am new at this so didn't think much about it until tonight I noticed her eyes were very swollen. There was a second chick whose eyes were all gunked up and shut. I got warm water and wiped her eyes and she is able to open them although only partially. My other chick, however, had thick white pus that came out of her eyes with quite a bit more in the right eye than the left. She partially opened the left eye but not the right. I am sure it hurt as I wiped and even had to grab a corner of the white pus to pull it out. I put her in front of their water and dipped her beak into the water and she drank a pretty good bit but without seeing it.

What do I do? I am heartsick. I read to out some apple cider vinegar in their water. I do have a sulfa antibiotic. Do I give them that? They are in an enclosed coop at night with ventilation and a heat lamp. Can anybody help?
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tylon, I had same problem last year. It's respiratory infection. They got you t buy their sick birds. That spreads like wildfire n deadLy. nearly lost all mine. Keep em separate n Tylon 50. Have t inject in breast. Plz use insulin syringe. Ones at feed store way too big. Dosage depending on size
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burn your dead, wear gloves, use bleach n don't get anymore birds till gone. People just spread th problem t next person. Makes me mad! Report breeder to state. So rest get tested
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I would use the sulfa drug, since it sounds like it could be coryza, especially if there is a bad odor to them. Most people would cull the pullets if it were coryza, since it is a chronic disease that makes carriers of the whole flock for life. MG is also a possibility, and Tylan does treat that. MG is also a carrier disease. Fortunately, coryza and MG are only alive for 2-3 days on equipment and facilities, and after cleaning and removing sick birds, you can start over with healthy chicks or pullets. Sorry that you are dealing with this, but always quarantine new birds for at least 30 days from your healthy chickens, so not to spread diseases.
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