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Red sexlink?

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Ive read very mixed reviews on this bird. I wanted to get a few chicks for my silkie to raise but i really dont want anymore roosters. I thought this would be an easy way to get babies for my silkie and make sure i get all hens. Would you recommend this breed? I have 11 full grown hens and 6 chicks that are almost 5 weeks but i think 3 of the 6 are roos and will need to go.
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My Red sex-link is the nicest hen in my flock, she is extremely friendly with little kids also. I would recommend this breed to anyone.

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Some reviews said very friendly and great layers while others said they were bullies to other hens and have a lot of health issues
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They do tend to have more laying troubles than other breeds, due to the increased production rate that comes with crossbreeding. They are extremely prolific layers, at least for their first 2 years, but they also have an increased risk of getting egg bound, internal laying, and other related problems.

Black sexlinks tend to be a bit hardier (they are prone to the same health issues, but not quite to the same extent) and you still get guaranteed accurate sexing.

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