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Milk Jug Water Hazards

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I have two adorable one-week old Rouen ducks, and I would really really not like it if they drowned. I've also heard that they can get chills from too much water in their enclosure, so I've been replacing the paper towels they've been chilling on because they have a tendency to soak it with their water dish's water.


So, I cut an empty milk carton with 1.5/1.5 inch holes, filled it about 1/2 inch with water, and put a few food pellets in there to let them get the idea that they're supposed to stick their heads in there.


My teacher is concerned that they could crawl through the holes and end up stuck inside the carton. This seems unlikely to me, like they would have to be really trying to drown themselves for it to happen. Is this a concern that should be actively addressed? If they get in, could they not just come right back out?




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I believe another user posted just a couple weeks ago that her ducklings had gone for a swim in their milk jug. So it is possible. The danger is if they can't get out their down will get soaked, they will get tired, and they will be too weak to keep themselves afloat.


I did not use milk jugs until mine were over three weeks old. The holes were too high up the side of the jug for them to climb in and too small for them to fit through. When they were smaller I used a cool whip container with holes cut in the lid. The holes were big enough for their heads to fit but not their bodies.

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Cool whip container is definitely a good idea, I will see if I have any sitting around.Thanks for the suggestion!

There's only about one inch (or less, maybe closer to half an inch) of water in the bottom of the milk carton, is that still a potential hazard?

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I think chicks are at greater risks of drowning than ducklings but I honestly don't know.

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