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7 week old bantam limping

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One of my 7 week old bantam has been limping for 4 days. I brought him in 2 days ago thinking maybe he would be calmer and rest but he is crying from being alone and trying to fly out and possibly making things worse. I have no idea what happened to him,
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Welcome to BYC. Injuries such as sprains can be common. Does he move his toes on the affected foot? I would put him back out with his flock, but in a cage or crate with his own food and water, so that he can rest his leg, but see the others. Was he vaccinated for Mareks disease, and does he show any signs of leg paralysis? Make sure that he is eating and drinking well, and that too will be better once he is back with his flock. Let us know how he gets along.

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He can move his toes and seems like his leg is back more than the other but he may be holding it like that. He can move his leg cause he holds it up a lot. He also is laying with his body to one side. We got him from tractor supply and i have no idea if he was vaccinated. He seems to be eating and drinking great. He is only happy if i hold him but i just dont have the time to do that all day.
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Check his foot pad just in case of a scab or swelling (bumblefoot.) also check for swelling or bruising of his leg. I have seen chickens limp for 3-4 weeks with a sprain, and caging them near the other chickens to force rest will help to shorten the recovery time. Keep us updated on his condition. Feeding him some vitamins and minerals in his feed  (something like Poultry Booster for feed or NutriDrench given orally 1 ml daily) might help.

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Its been a month and he is still limping. Ive keep him with the others. He gets on the roost at night with them and stays with them all day. His leg is turned out some now. I just hope he is not in extreme pain.
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