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a chick with Coccidiosis?

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My little ones are now 5 weeks now! They are growing quickly.. it's amazing. One of my Rhode Island Red's seemed extra sleepy yesterday, but still eating and drinking so I left her alone. This morning she was the same.. all puffed out and huddled in the corner. I didn't see her move to eat or drink. I took her out with me for a bit so I could check her stool. Its white and watery. Im pretty sure this means she has Coccidiosis? I mixed Corid (1tsp to 1 gallon) and gave it to her and everyone else. I have been giving her the water with a syringe every few hours to make sure she's getting the meds. I also gave her just one drop of polyvisol for energy since she isn't eating well. 


If any of this is wrong or anyone has any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them!


Also, how long after I started the Corid should she start to feel better. I'm praying I bought this in time for her.


Thanks for any advice!

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It's good that you started the Corid just in case of coccidiosis. She also could just be dehydrated, so make sure that she drinks plenty of fluids (with the Corid.) Give it to her on the side of her beak with a dropper or syringe, or dip her beak. letting her swallow. If you have the powder Corid, go up to 1 1/2 tsp per gallon, if it is the liquid Corid, give 2 tsp per gallon. That is the maximum dosage for an outbreak. After treatment is completed, give the whole gang some vitamins and probiotics for a few days  to build up the beneficial gut bactera. Let us know what happens. Here is some reading about cocci"

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Thank you!! I use this for all the chicks x 5 days, correct? How do I give them all vitamins and probiotics? Like I said.. I have polyvisol .. Do I just put some in their water? If so, how much. As far as the probiotics.. I have capsules for myself. Can I just open one up u to their water?

Thanks for your help @Eggcessive
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Yes the Corid is used for 5 days as long as they all look healthy by the end of that.If the lethargic chick is still acting puny, you can decrease the dosage for a few more days. The probiotics can be found in some chick vitamins that are added to water, and plain yogurt also contains cultures. The probiotic capsules are probably fine to use as well in a some wet feed. Here are some chick vitamins from feed stores, and ou can read labels to see if they contain probiotics.


shopping?q=tbn:ANd9GcS_y6yK7_Kd3LN16Fe_UPnoA3EWbC-OJr35FlQTRLEm2QAUWALjg87uvabmk8YDXWz53W99iKI&usqp=CAEshopping?q=tbn:ANd9GcR7EfyVG-2l2b2qoLKrU0GFUD6VMAZ5s58fhJHAomeuppN4StMOtRvF07rP0ExKrFz3cpzVJNc&usqp=CAE    shopping?q=tbn:ANd9GcStzfFl0mxI-BoAIlbzjKfwMwUKYAgB-0A7ZKIrYhK5rD3jNkCE&usqp=CAEshopping?q=tbn:ANd9GcSwyYEXDL0Anlo813ktJRSP0fMq6C5R-7jdwe1WPJkhCfxQI5Hzqlb5x5OwqwLjuwr8ILBm4d-s&usqp=CAE

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This is so helpful! Thank you very much!
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She seems to be doing a lot better already? Is that unusual? She's drinking on her own again and walking around. She still seems slightly off, but only bc I'm paying close attention to her.
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That sounds good. Corid is not harmful to the chicks even if the little one doesn't have cocci, but it is always a good thing to treat if cocci is a possibility. Hopefully she will be fine.
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UPDATE : she seems to be doing a little better.. Not as dramatic as Id hoped. She is now eating on her own vs me having to hand feed her. I still syringe a little bit of water to her a couple times a day just to ensure she's getting meds. Fingers crossed I made the correct diagnosis! Thanks for your help @Eggcessive
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Any thoughts???

She's been on corid for 4 days now. She eats on her own (I think? Sometimes I feel like I have to wake her to eat) at morning / night she is very sleepy. I haven't seen her drink on her own in a couple days so I syringe feed her water. She had what seemed like a pretty normal looking poop earlier today and now they are pure liquid again. Am I just being impatient or is something else going on?
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She could have something else going on that is unseen such as a heart, kidney, or liver issue. Some chicks can be sickly or failure to thrive. You could switch to another drug for cocci, such as Sulmet or Sulfadimethoxine, an or take her to a vet. Have you now completed the Corid, and started her on vitamins and probiotics? 

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