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Young chick coughing and sneezing

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Hi! I'm a total newbie to raising chicks, so I was thrilled when I found this site! I have three 2.5 week old chicks that seem to have a respiratory issue. They're sneezing/coughing, and seem a little wheezy. What can I do for them? Thanks for your help!

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Welcome to BYC. Where did the chicks come from? Some respiratory diseases can appear at this age if they have been exposed earlier or through hatching eggs. Make sure that there air circulation is good in the brooder, and that bedding is not too dusty. If your chicks are sick, this is not  a good start to raising chickens, since most respiratory diseases make carriers of the whole flock, many times for life. Some diseases are caused by viruses, some by bacteria or mycoplasma which may respond to antibiotics such as Tylan or Oxytetracycline, and some are caused by mold fungus.

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Thank you so much! My chicks came from an auction. I've been changing bedding/water/food daily, but still having issues. I think I can get both Tylan and Oxytetracycline at Tractor Supply. Will the dosing instructions for chicks be on the packaging?



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For only 3 chicks, you can use Tylan 50 injectable given orally, but I don't think TSC carries it. If you find it I can give you the dosage. The Tylan 200 is too strong for chicks. Tylan Powder for the water is expensive, and TSC probably does not carry that either. They should have oxytetracycline powder in the cattle section of medicines. . The dosage is 1 1/2 tablespoonsful per gallon of water if you use the brand below:



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Thanks a million!! Just got that exact oxytetracycline. Will do that!!

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Actually, one more question if you don't mind! How long do I keep this up? The back of the package says 7-14 days, but I'd love to draw on the experience of you experienced folks!

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Most people treat for 7 days. If the chick is not better by then, I would use something stronger, such as Tylan. But they could have a virus instead of a bacterial infection, and those have to run their course since antibiotics won't treat a virus.
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Where does one buy Tylan?
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Many feed stores sell it in the cattle medicines. It comes in a soluble powder for treating the water, and comes in injectable forms of Tylan 50 and Tylan 200. They can all be found online as well
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I raise show chickens and have the same problem, they get colds when I transport them. I bought this natural remidity from tractor supply's it comes in a small yellow box. It's a container of a oily medicine you just put it on their chest and under there wings. It smells like vasoline, my chickens sounds better the very next day. It's one of the best things I've ever used.
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