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Chick was taken by a hawk

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Im not sure if this classifies as an emergency but just today my sisters chick was taken by a hawk and now by chicken is very like sad and keeps looking for the other one earlier he looked very depressed now our chicks used to not get farther than about 2 feet from each other. What do I do about mine now until we get another chick.


PS my chick is no longer a baby but is still little. I think he is nearing teens if not already a teen. Hope this helps.

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Your chick will adapt fast. Give the bird some extra attention until you get another.

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Ok wow that was fast thx. I was thinking along the same lines but was wondering if there was anything else I could do to calm him down and get him used to being without the other.

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You're chick may be lonely, but it will adjust. In the mean time, until you get her some company, make sure the run is covered and if you free range, provide plenty of 'cover'. They need places to duck under and get out of sight.

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We let them out alot but they live in a big plastic tub so I will put some cover outside thx much. :)

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