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Sick chicken! Help!

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I have a polish chicken and she has been acting strange lately. She just sits in one spot for long periods of time and rarely moves. She also is extremely dirty and there are clumps of snot stuck to her face and beak. I don't know what to do or what is wrong with her. Please help!!!
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Nasal drainage is a sign of a respiratory disease such as MG, ILT, bronchitis, coryza, and others. I would check her for tiny bugs on her skin around the vent and elsewhere which could be lice or mites. Is her vent area dirty from having diarrhea, or is she just generally dirty? Does she have a bad odor around her head? I would clean her off, and check her eyes for foam or pus. Is she sneezing or wheezing? Here is a good link about the common respiratory diseases and symptoms:

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