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Chicken to coop

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I have two Rhode Island reds, two black sex links, and one auracana. They are a little over a week old. I'm wondering when I can get them to the coop. I'm going out of town in four weeks and would like to have them out by then. I live in East Tennessee. Highs in 80's and lows in upper 50's and 60's at night.
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At about 5 weeks they should be fully feathered and ready for the coop. As long as the night time temps aren't dipping below 50 degrees.
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Do you have an opinion on heat lamps in coops? We are building a chicken tractor and considering wiring for heat lamp, but our temperatures seem mild in the winter compared to the rest of the country.
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I would not recommend a heat lamp in the coop or the run.  They should all huddle together and stay warm.

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I have electricity running to my coop and did run a heat lamp, but only when the temps dipped into the single digits. For the most part, just shut any windows that would allow cold air to blow on them when they are roosting in the winter. I'm guessing you're winters are milder than the ones we get here in Iowa. You probably won't need heat, but you may want electricity for lighting, or maybe a heater for your waterer.
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I have a heat lamp also, but only use it when the temperatures dip really low in the teens.

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