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I've heard that older hens tend to teach a young cockerel his manners, but unfortunately in my case it didn't work. I kept 3 of my 4 yr old hens and integrated a flock of 5 pullets and 1 cockeral. They were supposed to be all pullets, but that's the way it goes. Anyway, the pullets are now hens and the cockerel now a rooster. The older hens keep to themselves and if the rooster sees one of them he chases them and they run like the dickens. Sometimes he catches one of them and has his way with her, but they are not happy at all.
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Probably waited too long to introduce him. He's got to interact with the hens while still young and impressionable, younger than 8 weeks. If you wait to introduce when he is almost the same size, it's too late. And the older hens need to be bold and dominant types, not afraid to challenge him.  

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I'm sure you're right junebuggena. He was young when I integrated the flock. I put them into the main coop once they feathered, but they were initially separated by a screen. I can't remember how old he was before he was fully integrated with the older hens. I think that the older hens are quite docile and that has a lot to do with it too. Fortunately they have more than enough room to hide from him.
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