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all white hens are dying

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We have had 4 now that have died. We are not sure what the problem is. The last one I think may have been egg bound and now have another who can't roost. Her bottom looks swollen. We have bathed her in warm water and massaged the area but it doesn't seem to help. We did have a rooster who I think was the problem. He is now gone and will see how the other 3 barred rocks do. So far they seem fine. Its just the white hens that keep dying. I did see the rooster one day keeping them holed up in the roost. He would not let them out. I thought maybe he was keeping them from their feed and water. He picked on them a lot too. We tried locking him in a seperate housing but he flew out of it. Now that he is gone we want to see if he was the problem. The barred rocks seem to be very hardy and the rooster didn't seem to pick on them as much as the white hens. 

There are so so many things that can go wrong but we are not sure what the problem here is. Unless it was the rooster. Any ideas?

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I would like to add that she has come out from UNDER the roost. She did not roost last nite and stayed in a corner up under the roost. But she just stands by the water feeder and leans on it or puts one foot up on the lip of it. Seems as if she is traumatized but is moving around some. Should we make her go outside w the others to see if she will forage? Put her in the roost? Or just wait and see what happens? We just don't know what is going on. ONly the white hens tho. Odd. In looking at her bottom you can see what looks like contractions. Like she is trying to lay but she is on the ground and may not can get back in her roost. Hello need help!

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Can you bring her inside where you can really keep an eye on her to make sure that she is drinking and eating enough? Put vitamins with electrolytes from your feed store in her water, and try to get her drinking. Watch how her droppings look. Puppy pads or paper towel on some pine shavings under her can help to see the droppings better. Have you had all of these chickens for some time? There can be a color problem in flocks, according to some of the college poultry articles about pecking and cannibalism. Sounds like the rooster really needed to be gone or separated. Feel inside her vent an inch or two with one finger to feel for a stuck egg. Feel of her crop to see if she has eaten, and make sure that it is emptying overnight.
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We have gotten rid of the rooster. He has another home now. Have 4 hens. 3 are barred rock and the one is a white hen. She is the sick one. Her bottom is swelled and she sits w her tail upwards. She isn't moving around much and tried putting her in the roost tonite. I do not ever see the other 3 hens bothering her. She stays to herself. We did get 2 eggs today after the rooster is gone. Was hoping she would b ok. I had caught that rooster blocking them up in the roost in the day and not allowing them to get out so I really think he was the problem. But what do we do now? Tried putting her in a warm bowl of water. Cleaned her off real good and tried to massage the area. THis is what happened to the last white hen. She did die. 

She is drinking but haven't seen her at the feeder. 

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