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egg laying

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I bought Bessie a  point of lay a couple of months ago and after a couple of weeks she started well, laying good eggs with a good shell.  At this stage she had one non laying friend.

This one was very poorly and had to be dispatched, so I got two new point of lays.

Bessie was a terrible bully at first but they have sorted out their differences and get along just fine now.  But after a couple of days after their arrival she stopped laying!

She is in great condition, eating well and behaving as all good chicks should

I have put it down to a strop because of the new girls ( one of whom has just come into lay)  and I assume she will start again in a bit!Any comments or advice?

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Be patient with her. It's natural for a layer to take intermissions. It could be a few days, a few weeks, or even a month, but she will resume laying unless she has some other issue going on.

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thank you for this it i reassuring!

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