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Is my hen broody?

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The night before last one my buff Orphingtons went into a nesting box instead of the roost for the night, the next morning she left for a short time but returned to box.  I thought she might be eggbound and gave her a hot bath, eventually around 2 in the afternooon she lay an egg which I took from the box.  She stayed in the box for the rest of the day and night.  This morning I thought she might be sick so I decided to move her into a separate crate.  When I took her out of the nesting box, she looked pretty healthy so I put her into the run - she ate and drank although she seemed a little more aggressive then usual with other chix.  Less then half an hour later she's back in the nesting box.


I have no roosters !


recommendations please ;)


also she's 1 year old

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Sounds very much like she is broody. Guess you have 3 choices - either get some fertile eggs for her to set, break her broodiness (search "broody buster") or let nature takes its course - she'll snap out of it eventually. Personally i prefer to break broodiness, but many members simply leave them to sort themselves out. But hatching chicks is a lot more fun :)



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thanks CT, the more I read about broodiness, the more I think this is what's going on

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