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Possible blood chicks poop

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Im not totally sure if its blood but id like to treat all 7 chicks and the adoptive morher silkie. What can i get from tractor supply that cold treat coccidiosis??? That wont cost an arm and a leg -_-
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Corid, a brand of amprollium is usually available in powder packets there. Dosage is 1 1/2 tsp per gallon for 5 days. After finishing treatment give them several days of vitamins in their water with some probiotic plain yogurt in food. Can you post a picture of their droppings. Are any acting lethargic or hunched and not eating?
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Hello Heather,



I think I spent about $25 on the powder and, from what I have read, it should be safe to treat everyone in the flock with.  

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Everyone is acting totally normal. Running around jumping on mama (my silkie) and eating and drinking. Im going to go check on them again and see if I find anymote abnormal droppings. Will take a picture if i see any.
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I didnt see any abnormal poops but one chickie had some poop on its butt like it had a wet poop and it dripped down. Everyone was active and happy with mama tho
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Did you decide not to treat for cocci? and Jefferspet,com have Corid  for $17-18, but after shipping it is $25. 

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I went and got some today. Should i just treat now or wait and see if i see anymore questionable poo?
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Poopy butt
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Should i treat for coccidiosis?
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I would clean off the vent area with warm water and a bit of soap. If any chicks are showing lethargy, not eating, hunched or puffed up posture, or runny droppings with mucus or blood, then yes, I would treat for coccidiosis. All chicks will be exposed to coccidia in order to build up immunity to it. Those that get a big exposure may get the disease.  Read this article:

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