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3 little chicks

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These are three day old chicks I predict that the black one is a Cuckoo Moran or a Plymouth Rock. It came from a tan egg, not dark egg. It has orange feet. My other 2 black ones ( not pictured) have flesh colored feet mottled a little black. That confuses me.
I have no clue what the middle chick is. Ideas?

The last chick has leopard like spots on its face. Golden laced wyandotte? Am I right?

I'm a novice but the research and guessing is fun.
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Were these eggs that you hatched yourself? If so, were they sold as pure breeds eggs?

If they are purebreds my guesses would be barred rock, welsummer, and gold laced Wyandotte smile.png
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The eggs were donated to me to hatch with my kindergarten class. I am keeping them as I love chickens and I've always wanted to raise backyard chickens.
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