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New Pre-Caged Bird - ADVICE, PLEASE!!!

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Hey guys, I'm in need of advice on what next steps I should take with a new chicken I've added to my free-range flock. :/


Today a friend of mine from zoology dropped off his chicken; he took home as a newborn chick last semester. It definitely grew - which is nice to see ;) - but I think it's having a hard time being part of the flock, and being a chicken!


When he opened the cage, the roo was reluctant to come out. I grabbed it properly, and lifted it out of there. The roo seemed a little happy, but really confused. Then my friend says, "I think he likes the sun," ... which implies that this guy hasn't ever let this chicken outside before, :barnie:th and it shows: 


The chicken DOESN'T know how to dust bathe, how to tilt its head back when it drinks water, or how to look for food. Also, oddly, when he lays down, he starts to tip to one side?? :idunno

It stays in the corner of my fencing, like the fence is its new cage or something... I brought it water and some food, but I feel like feeding it isn't gonna help it learn to free-range. :(


I tried to bring the roo closer to my chickens to show it what dust bathing is, and to scratch the ground for food; I heard that chickens learn by example. I know not to make it part of the flock just yet, but I'm wanting to teach it new tricks (tricks he needs to help himself survive).


Please help! I am not sure if this can solve itself... :fl 

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You'll have to give the new bird some time to adjust.  You can't expect him to act as if the new place with new cage and new chickens means nothing to him.  He's the new kid on the block and has to make his own way. 


To be honest, I've never seen my roosters take a dust bath.  They usually stand around guarding the girls while the girls do the bathing. 

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Thank you wamtazlady. This is just very odd for me to see though, as I've never had to deal with this situation before. My family does not know how to handle this. Will he adapt naturally; do I just have to keep him away from the rest of the flock for a while, and keep the door open for him to try joining the flock when he wants to try it?


My roosters dust bathe every once in a while :) I was just worried since this roo hasn't had one in what seems like ever... and I'd like him to, but you're right, can't force it :/ 

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I'll bet that in a month he'll be settled in. 

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