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:flI have both adult quail and chicks that i am raising for eggs. I cannot find a high protein feed (22% - 28%) anywhere at a half decent price. Can anyone let me know where i can find this? I have looked all around the internet with no luck. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I will settle for some advice on a good natural additive that i can add to boost the 20% feed that i am giving them now. Thanks in advance for any insight on this problem.
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I hear the name 'purina game bird startena' or something like that a lot on this forum.. Try googling sources for that.

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Do you have a feed store near you?  It will be cheaper than having it sent to you most likely.  I'm using nutrena game bird feed currently for our turkey, it's 28% protien.

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I have the same problem!  One store in my area only carries any kind of game bird food at all.....I get freeze dried mealworms, pop them into a sandwich baggie and go over them with a rolling pin.  I put the feed into a roasting pan and  mix it all in and then put it back in the bag so they're set for the week....sadly, the first time I did this my guy got all excited and asked what I was baking....that could have gone wrong.....

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I was having the same issue so I found the Purina Game Bird and Turkey Startena at the local feed store for like $19 for a 50lbs bag.  30% protein.  


I've seen some folks here talk about adding dry cat food to the feed as well to up the protein on what they currently have.  

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Thanks to everyone for their input. It is always a blessing to have you folks out there to lead all of us newbies in the right direction. The concensus is to go with the  Purina Game Bird and Turkey Startena which i found at my local Tractor Supply Co. If anyone has advice to the contrary, please let me know. Again my gratitude goes out to all.


God Bless and may all your farming efforts be fruitful.

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I can also toss this out;  the first week I made a mistake and feed them 12.5 maintenance formula.  They liked it but of course it wasn't high enough in protein and I really didn't see any noticeable change in size.  The second week I started using that Purina Game Bird and Turkey Startena and I noticed a significant change in size during the following two weeks.  


Good stuf.  

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Mfa has 22% and 33% game bird feed around here in southern mo.
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