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I have a baby barnevelder who is limping.  


I purchased her and 5 others 1 week ago today.  


I lost one of the five that she was purchased with last Tuesday.  The one that passed had bloody stools that looked like raspberry jam...this seemed to be a strong sign of coccidiosis.  I began treatment of Corid and everyone has seemed fine (except the one I lost as I figured out the coccidiosis thing too late for her).


I just noticed the limping about an hour ago and every time I check on her it seems worse.  I do not see any signs of infection or bumble foot.  Is this a vitamin deficiency because of the Corid?  What should I do?  I had three that were acting lethargic (one with bloody stools) when I began administering the Corid,  She was one of the ones that was acting lethargic but has become more and more active ever since...until this!


Note:  I have been giving 1.5 tsp of Corid powder in their water.  It is mixed fresh every 24 hours.