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Red Chicken Butt on a 1 yr old Hen

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I took this photo just over an hour ago.  I had just given her a 10 min butt soaking in tepid water.  The feathers look very sparse because she's wet but even when dry she doesn't have a fluffy butt, she has bald spots.  This photo was also taken just before laying. So not sure if it's swollen because there's an egg in there although she always seems swollen there. Not sure if thats the way their butts should look.  I'm mostly concerned with the redness.  Is that normal?  Should I be concerned and if I need to do something what should I do?  Thank you! 


P.S. I hid her face for privacy issues   :D


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is she actually laying eggs? i have had 3 hens with this, one died a few days ago after months of suffering. i think this is internal laying at least i believe that is why my three are  swollen. if yours is laying eggs then that cant be the problem.

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Yes she seems to be laying just fine.  I get an egg a day from her without fail.  I know for sure she's laying as we've carefully watched who lays.  I only have three chickens and one is broody (so she's not laying).  She doesn't seem to be in any pain. She hops on my lap and seems friendly.  Her butt just looks horrible.  I want to be sure I'm not missing something.


Thanks for your reply. 

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