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Coop Ideas, Please!

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I am thinking about converting my daughters old playhouse into a coop.  I am a rookie and would appreciate your thoughts and input.  My thought is to remove the slide and use the area below the house as the run.  I would build the nesting boxes below the house on the left side wall where the slide is.  I am thinking about extending the run out to the fence on the right side.  


I am also considering cutting a hole in the floor of the house and putting a ramp to allow the chickens access to the house, too.  My thought is the chickens would have a safe upstairs area to roost and the nesting area below.  Would that work?  Many thanks for any thoughts and suggestions. 

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Wow that playhouse will make an amazing and beautiful chicken coop! As for the run underneath, that is perfect! The hole in the floor with a ramp will work just fine. The only problem is the nesting boxes. They should always be in coop or upstairs of your house because chickens do not like to be exposed when laying their eggs. The chickens will not produce as well and most likely Wont lay in the boxes if they are in the run.your hens will also lay at night and will not enjoy going out in the dark, open run to lay their eggs. Your chickens are going to love their fancy coop!
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