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6 day old chick

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I have incubated and hatched 2 lovely chicks 6 days ago. One is perfectly fine and healthy whilst the other seems to be having a few problems.this chick has got its eyes closed, when I wipe them with warm water they open and not long after they shut again. Also this same chick is having trouble with its poop sticking to its back end. Again I am wiping with warm water and the chick can still poop. The chick is eating and drinking enough but just stands in a corner under the heat lamp regularly whilst the healthy one is layed down further away from the lamp. Can anyone help me please I'm really worries about my chick. Thanks
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I would get a package of electrolites to put in the water.  Good luck with the little one.

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Where do I purchase this from and what are they?thanks
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Also when I have opened the eyelid slightly I can see abit if gray cloudy gunk in her eye
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Tractor Supply or Rural King or any farm and garden store should sell it.  

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