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Anyone have luck curing wry neck?

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My almost 5 week old EE chick developed wry next Thursday evening i do believe. I brought her inside and give her .5 ml of nutri-drench via syringe 3 times a day and a geltab of vitamin e twice a day. She is eating and tryinf to drink but still won't hokd her head up. She tucks it down and the water spills right out of her beak most of the time while drinking because she cant throw her head back. Will this ever get better or is she always going to be like this? Sometimes she walks backwards while doing a head stand too.
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Are you feeding medicated feed?

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No im not
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Have you recently treated for coccidia?

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No but i do have the medication. Her poops look normal
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Keep treating with the Nutri-drench daily, and keep putting it in the water. Hopefully she will improve quickly and out-grow her vitamin deficiency. If not, you will have to cull her.

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She functions pretty normally. She just cant put her head all the way up.
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