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Poorly chicken

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Hi guys. I'm new to this site and chickens in general.

I've half a dozen hens which I have had for about 6 months.

One chicken in particular always seemed to be in charge but recently it has become very lethargic, not eating and has a small light pink comb with a few scabs on.

Looking for some advice on what may be wrong with her and possible treatments

Thanks in advance

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With the scabs on the comb it sounds to me like fowl pox which needs to be healed immediately. Look in the throat if there is black scabs then they have a bad case and will be harder to cure.
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Thanks Ann I will look when I get back home.

How is it healed? Is it a vet job?
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I put iodine on the comb but if it's in the throat they will need a vet.
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Good news. Nothing in her mouth so hopefully all good. Looks so sorry for herself though
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