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*****Sick rooster******

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My rooster is acting very strange. He is sleeping not crowing and has green runny poop. He does eat and drink water that I added electrolytes too. He walks around then he stops and rest. I don't know what I can do to save his life. He is 7 years old and he is our pet. Please someone help.
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Is he on wormer? Also put your head up to his back and listen; if you hear a muffled noise he has a respiratory problem.
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I haven't checked that because someone mentioned e.Coli. Is there something I can get if I do hear a muffle noise? I am going to Tractor Supply to get somethings to help him. He isn't outdoors. So I don't know. I keep blaming myself for having the windows open and think he could have gotten a draft from that.
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I am going back to Tractor Supply, the gentleman there is helping me. He is calling his chicken experts to see what I can do most likely he has a bug and needs antibiotics. I will keep you posted. Wish me luck.
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Hope he is feeling better soon! I, too have an older roo...
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There's a really good natural remedy that they sells at tractor supplies, it comes in a yellow box. It's a oily substances and smells like vapor rub. Just put some under the wing and on the chest and it works really good.
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Update on my Rooster Rocky. I picked up some antibiotic on Monday and started it right away. As of today he is amost back to normal. His poop is solid and whitish. I am beyond happy that I save my roost.. he hasn't crowed yet so I am keeping him on the antibiotics until Saturday. Thanks for all your help.
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