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Chicken Wives

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These two girls are the strangest birds I have ever seen. The little brown wanted to start going broody in late January by hiding a nest and I said no way, to early. In April I put two nesting boxes in the barn to see who wanted to go broody, these two girls decided to team up on a nest instead of having two nest. One day I went outside after taking the above picture and the little brown chicken had separated from the white one and separated nest aswell. Now that the little ones are hatching they have the already hatched chicks in the blue milk crate shown and eggs are on the outside with both girls taking turns on chicks and eggs. I wanted to bring the chicks in the brooding house with a mom but they got very upset that I tried to move them so I opted to just leave them until I am sure they are all finished hatching. Here's hoping more will hatch :D:love

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How sweet, They say it takes a village. Thanks for sharing that cute story.

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