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Cut in chicks throat??

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Hello! Today i was looking over my chicks and i noticed that this one has a big cut on its throat! Its not wet so thats good i guess?? It seems to be scabbed over a little. What can i do?? sad.png
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You can flush it with betadine or saline then apply some plain neosporin or vetericyn. If the other chicks start to pick at her you may need to separate her until it heals. Chicks like to peck at bloody/crusty areas.

It's hard to tell, but it looks close to her ear, any swelling, pus, odors? I would keep an eye on it for sure just to make certain the ear doesn't get infected.

Are they still in the brooder or do you have them outside.

Ideally a pet carrier/wire dog kennel/barrier is great for outside (put food and water in there), the chick can still be "part" of the flock and "interact" and you usually have no problems reintegrating them back into the flock.

If they are still in the brooder, place a wire barrier in there the keep her separate to avoid picking.

How long do you think it's been like that?

Any idea how it happened - head caught in fencing, etc?

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She is outside with a hen thats raising her. Should I still try to flush it out even if its all dried up? Its around her jawline. We usually have the mother hen along with her two other babies separated inside of the coop. In the past, the mother hen has tried to chase off the other chickens and ended up leaving her chicks and while she was chasing a chicken, her chicks either got picked on or stepped on and they all died. We do let the mother hen and her chicks outside away from the other chickens almost every day for a few hours while we're outside. I'm thinking that while she was roaming around with her mother that she cut her throat...

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Apply some plain neosporin or vetericyn to the wound.

If the Mom and other chicks are leaving the wound alone, I would leave her with them, it is usually less stressful for the chick.

Biggest thing to worry about will be infection, so keep an eye on her and see how she does.

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I will find some neosporin then! Shes been acting fine. Jumping and walking around and whatnot

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Glad to hear she seems ok!

Hopefully it will heal with no problems. Watch for flies trying to get in it.

Make sure the neosporin has no "caine" in it.

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