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Bloody Nose

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Help! This lil one got trampled when dogs tried to get into the coop. She has this little bit of blood coming from her nose, is panting fairly hard, and kind of wobbly when walking around.

  Is there anything I can do to help or save her??

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Get some BluKote or blud food coloring, and dab a bit on her nose if the blood won't clean off, to keep the other chicks from pecking at the blood. Just give her some TLC, and make sure that she eats and drinks. Hopefully she hasn't suffered any internal injuries. Let us know how she gets along.
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   @Eggcessive , thank you for your help!  I did get the blood cleaned up last night, and had her in the house overnight. She was eating and drinking before I went to bed. This morning, great news!! When I went in to check on her, she had tipped over her water dish into the food dish, practicing her flying!! LoL

   Guess she is going to be ok, so back out to the rest of the gang she will go today.  :)

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Great news!

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