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Now my injured hen won't eat....

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I made a post the other day about an injured hen.  She was attacked by a dog. At first, she didn't seem to be that bad.  Minor back injury (missing feathers/skin), but it was healable with Blue Kote. Well NOW she won't up to eat or drink.  I gave her another egg this morning, and she didn't touch it.  She was up and moving around yesterday...even laid an egg in her kennel. I don't know what to think. She tried to stand earlier but lost her balance. I did notice she was limping some yesterday, so that could be it.  But I don't know why she hasn't moved all day. 

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Our cockerel was refusing eating we got a syringe got water in him by dropping it on his beak and we gave him liquid food at first. He had just started eating scrambled egg. I wrapped him and hand fed him if this helps you it's slow n hard going but it's for sure helped him he'd have died if I had left it
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Thank you!! I was finally able to get her to drink some last night. And I put some chicken feed in her cage and she picked at it, and drank on her own! My biggest concern right now is she has a hard time standing.  I'm not sure if she has a damaged leg and wing on one side or if it neurological.  At first, she seemed ok, but the next day, she started favoring one leg, and her wing on the same side was/is droopy.  I don't think anything in the wing is broken, and I can't see anything swollen.  But, I will remember to to give her some soft, watery food in a syringe if I have to. Thank you!

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No problem ours was attacked by a other hen and just gave up. This the only reason he is alive is because we are hand feeding him. He toke food off me today so I'm hoping he will start eating himself soon.thats odd unless she is really badly bruised maybe just make sure she is fed n hydrated and she how she goes I hope she gets better.
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Thanks. Me, too.  She's my olive egger, too.  :(  


I hope your roo gets better soon!

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Maybe a warm bath might help relax her muscles n make her more comfortable. Thanku let's hope they both get on the mend
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Hrm....didn't think about that.  Should I add some epsom salt for her injured back?  I'll do that this evening I get home.  And blow dry her, too.

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I have no idea about the salt lol just thought I've read it help relaxes them is all. It's like been a full time carer lol isn't it
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