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Hello fellow chicken enthusiasts, I have a road island red hen who is about 5 years old, and recently she has become lethargic and I have noticed that her abdomen/ butt area has become swollen. She has green colored poop, and it often gets caught on her vent feathers, so I have clipped them off.. However, the smell of the poop is bitter..
TSC employees suggested that I add apple cider vinegar to their water until it turn to a very dim shade of brown (the color of the vinegar) so that it may flush her out and give good bacteria to her. Also, they said add add sav-a-chick probiotic to the water as well to help with digestion... I am supplying all of the chickens with this water (12 hens) as instructed to do so by the TSC chicken enthusiasts.

Any prior knowledge of such a sickness, sour smelling poop, or info if I should give anything extra to the sick hen to maybe help? Should I give them plain/ vanilla yogurt?
Thank you sooo much for any help!!!yippiechickie.gif

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