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4 breeds

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Alright, so I'm new at this. I have 4 different breeds of pullets I'm raising (1 of each). They are treated as well as our family dogs and cat. I baby them and they even are housed in my bedroom currently. In any case, they seem to get along fine, but I'm wondering if they might get hostile towards each other in the future. I have 1 silver wyandotte, 1 black star, 1 golden penciled hamburg, and 1 golden campine. Any info from anyone on the specific breeds or possible compatibility with others would be great! I'm currently working with other women in my neighborhood to change hoa rules. I have no doubt we will. Until then, I'm just hoping my girls stay friendly and happy.
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I have many different breeds mixed together in my flock, including a wynndotte and a black star. I do have pecking sometimes in my flock but that is only because they are establishing a pecking order (which will happen in any flock).

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:welcome and good luck with the HOA.

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I'll keep ypu posted on the hoa. I'm going to build a coop in my garage.
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