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Poop board suggestions

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We are almost done with the main coop build. It's a 6X6 coop with a 6X12 run. I plan on having 2 roosts, 6ft long each located on the front and back walls. I want to put in poop boards but I don't want to make them too heavy to remove as I won't be able to enter the coop to get them (they would need to come out of the access door which is 2.5X2.5. I plan on covering them with vinyl tile to make them easier to clean. Would particle board be too thin?

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Not if you have enough support below them....

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perhaps instead of making them removable, you can just set them in place then scrape the poo off if you are able to get into the coop. That is what I do.

I use a drywall taping knife (aka a wide flat trowel with a handle) and scrape the poo down the boards into a pail then carry it out. 

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Do they need to be across from each other?   It seems if you had them so they met in one corner, there would be space to enter the coop to clean.

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