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just found out they dont make sulmet anymore,what's up with that? I know when my chickens and turkeys get sick i mix 1 oz to a gal and water and helps them out,my question is WHY DID THEY DISCONTINDED THE SULMET?

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I'm not sure, but it seems that it is becoming more difficult to buy antibiotics without a prescription in some states. Several people ave written about this. Sulmet is still available here and on Amazon when I checked:


Were you treating for coccidiosis or for a respiratory disease? Many people use Tylan or Oxyteracycline for respiratory diseases, and they use Corid for treatment of coccidiosis. Those are usually easy to find locally in feed stores.

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nope it not on the market there either,they took it off the market because it was working,if that makes sence!!!!!

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What symptoms are you treating the chickens and turkeys for? There may be an alternative.
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drooping of the wings,lost of weight,i have some corid,two tablespoons in a gal of water,hope that does it,not all have this disease,3 out of twenty,tomorrow im getting sulfer to spread on the ground

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 The dosage is too high-- it should be 2 teaspoonsful per gallon IF you are using the liquid Corid, or 1 1/2 teaspoonsful if using the powder. Give it for 5 days. Then give them some plain yogurt and chick vitamins when they are finished with Corid to get the gut bacteria back to normal. Dehydration can also cause drooping wings. I hope you get them all well. Good luck.

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two teaspoons,sorry i met to say,yes i hate to lose those cream legbars

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Hey! At the beginning of next year they are making it to where all powder antibiotics are prescription. We do have sulmet powders, just sold out of the liquid, if you're interested.

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