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Hello! So this morning I took one of my hens, a speckled grey cochin, who has been very broody for almost a month now, and moved her to a new nest.

I collected 12 fertile eggs and put them in a next box, along with some food and water, inside a pen that is partially covered with a tarp and half open.

When I put her in there she started clucking t me all puffed up, and then walked around, eating and drinking.

I checked on her about an hour later and she still wasn't sitting on the nest.

This was 9:00 this morning. I am going to check on her again when I get home from class at 1:00 or so.

Do you think she will sit on them eventually and is just frazzled, or do you think she may be uninterested now since I took her out of the coop?


Also, is it possible to brood chicks without a heating lamp? Is there any other sort of warmth source that I could use?


[ This is her, but a little younger. She is nearing a year old now! We call her Fuzzy Feet :) ]