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I do animal rescue, I have recently taken in 2 baby chicks they are 10 days old today and came to me yesterday. The problem is the one chick seems to have neurological deficits it's legs don't work properly so it struggles to stand or walk it's been really weak since its move here, I have them under a light for warmth the healthy ones fine but the little weak one is lethargic and not wanting to eat or drink I've done the sugar water from a syringe but he's still just laying there. He peeps I feel terrible any advice would be great he's lived for 10 days now I'm hoping to keep him alive:(sad.png
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If you can, get poultry Nutri-drench and syringe feed that to the chick instead of the sugar water. It not only has quick energy, but also several vitamins (plus other things) to correct common deficiencies that can result in neuro signs. You can also offer mashed hard-boiled egg to see if that is more enticing than crumbles.
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I finally found something that has enticed him to eat a bit and he's getting back some energy, but I've made him a cloth hammock so he's upright and not laying on his side or back due to the other little chick walking on him, so the other chicks still there and bumping him a bit but at least it makes him peep. I mixed his feed with egg yolk, a little yogurt and have been offering him this ever half hour he's fed on it 3 times now and I refrigerate the remaining but will make new in the morning. So far so good I'm just concerned about the lack of leg movement and the fact that even when he uses his legs he can't move properly and falls. But if he lives and I'm praying he does I will make him a sling to use and keep him in a special pen with my smaller birds. I will be asking for help often I hope you don't mind. The farmer understandably wanted to kill it but the daycare centre who watched them hatch wanted us to try to save him. He has had leg and walking problems since he hatched 10 days ago.
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How nice of you to try to save it if it is showing improvement and not suffering. I would suggest keeping the food warm for better digestibility. It will also entice the chick to eat more. You might want to post a complete description of the chicks symptoms and possibly a short video at the emergencies thread. Good luck. Hope it gets better.
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Well sadly at the chicks 1 am feeding he was found peacefully passed away 😔 It makes me sad to not have the chance to save him.
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So sorry.😔 it's hard to lose one, especially when you have experience rehabing animals. At least you know you tried everything to keep it going and that's all you could do.
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