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Deworming how long?

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Hello everyone out there..I am new here and have a few questions about deworming my we started with 6 chickens raise them and are now about a yr old .between the past 2months my husband went out to a swip swap farmer's markets and have bought couple more total of 21 hens between the ages of 1-3 ..that's not counting out 20 baby chicks (2months old)long story short I decided to deworm all of them. I started on 4/7 I used wazine 17 for the water and strike lll/ type B medicated feed poultry dewormer .since then I been checking their poop every now and then and seen once some small white worms not much but that was it haven't seen then again but just to make sure I gave them another round of both dewormers this past Sunday 4/ question is should I use another kind or I am okay using those 2? And what should I use for tape worms? I have read That none of the 2 are for tape worms .I havnt seen any but since I am deworming then might as well treat for then too. I live in Florida so temp here is hot in the mid and high 80s . please any advice will help. thank you in Advance
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i am no pro.. we give tomatoes randomly.. apple cider viniger in the water once a month.. never had an issue. i am in central florida. 

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If you take fecal samples to your veterinarian, or the state lab (preferably with the little white things present) you can get answers, and have a plan.  Piprazine only kills some roundworms, and strike may not do what you need either.  You might be treating for parasites you don't have, and missing what is present.  Treats are treats, not wormers.  Mary

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