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Ducks dying one by one

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I have Muscovy ducks. Over the past week to two weeks we have had 6 ducks/drakes/young die. They have had rapid weight loss, discolouration on their beaks and they can't walk or lift wings. What on earth can it be? When you pick them up they weigh like a few grams, lights as a feather.. And I'm not joking. It's like they don't have an inch of fat on them. We feed our ducks morning and night so it's not a not enough food problem.
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It could be somthing wrong with the enclosure or their diet. Sorry I'm not an expert, I've never heard of that happening. Hope your duckies get well soon
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Anyone have any ideas?
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What type of feed are they getting?

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Chicken layer mash plus food scraps. They are free range on our property.
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Strange for sure!

Have you used any weed killer or added anything new to your property that they could of gotten into being they free range?


Best of luck! I hope you figure it out soon!

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I don't know what it is but I would get some electrolytes you can purchase at a feed store and put in their water.  Brewers Yeast that you buy in the health food store too might help them.  1 tablespoon per cup of food mix well.  Do they have a coop that they go in at night?  I would clean the coop out good.  


How old are the ducks?  Good luck with this I hope you don't lose anymore.  

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They are only 1 year old. They live with a mini pig at night time.... If they ate her poo that wouldn't hall them though would it? I'll try putting something in their water. I've heard Epsom salts are good in their water?
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I'm not a duck expert, I don't even have any yet, but thinking about this regarding animals in general it sounds possibly parasitic? Rapid weight loss and loss of muscle mass could be correlated to internal parasites like worms. Might be worth taking a fecal sample to a vet.
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Don't let them drink the epsom salts water.  It will give them the runs.  If you have some apple cider vinegar put that in the water. 

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