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Picked over little hen *graphic*

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What can I do to make my girl feel better, she is picked bald over her head, wings and back. There is bruising and scabby places and scraps down her beak. When I found her and put in the bath to clean her up she refuses to clean herself and is obviously hurty. I'll post pics farther down.
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Her head has bruises and one eye is swollen where the feathers were.
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Is it bullying? Seperate her from the rest of the flock and get some antibiotic cream for any open wounds. You need to keep her seperated until she is completely healed, chickens will peck at any wound they see.
She does not have lice?
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I brought her in so she doesn't get cold during these storms.what kind of ointment?

I can't upload pics
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You can get wound care cream at your feed store. I cannot remember what it is called, but there is one that will color the wounds blue, that will help with the pecking. They also make one that is safe for eyes. Neosporin, without pain reliever, will work tonight.
You will have to keep her seperate for a while. It probably does not get too cold at night anymore (unless you live in a colder climate) so if you can fashion a cage for her out in the coop, so the other birds can see her, but not touch her, she will be happier. It will also make it better for her when you reintroduce her to the flock
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If there are any huge wounds you can super glue then closed. I had one chickens skull pecked open rinsed it off and called my chicken guy near me he said super glue it shut if possible. If they are small wounds you dont need to just the cream or neosporin work. I had one roo who was picked on by the others he had some decent size chunks i just layered the super glue so it formed a scab. Use your own judgement on weither to glue or not. I had my girl whom i super glued for like 3 years and one day she just disapeared so it doesnt hurt them.
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